Welcome to Our Dupuytren's Disease Support Group

Seeking Global Awareness for Millions of Sufferers 

"DDSG is the most informative and supportive group of people (now friends) that I have found anywhere. I stumbled upon it one night while in tears of pain looking for help from my newly diagnosed Dupuytrens Contracture. Now, as I read of others trials and tribulations I quickly realize just how many others are suffering too and that support is always there for me whenever I need it. Thanks to the wonderful administration group that keep the site always interactive and the files packed full of information I no longer need to go anywhere else to learn and/or share about this disease."
Patty G. Edgewater, Florida

"DDSG has helped me so much dealing with this disease. The information and support is amazing and their dedication to helping to find a cure. "
Vickie, St.Louis, Mo.

"This valuable resource makes it possible for me to see specialists and discuss treatment without being intimidated by their strong (and often outdated) opinions. I'm bewildered by the lack of information many doctors have regarding Dupuytrens Contracture and other joint conditions"
Carol O., Palm Springs, CA

"Knowledge is power and you will get as much information as you want on the DDSG forum. Understanding the disease and learning about the treatment options and related pros and cons is overwhelming. However, with the support of DDSG ' S admin and members I have gained a lot of knowledge, read about member's personal experiences, discussed difficult topics of coping, found out about gadgets and devices to help, and shared my experiences, opinions, and questions in a supportive and and positive environment. Not to mention the best part, the fact that the group, as a whole, is driven on a mission to find a cure so our children and grandchildren don't have to travel this journey we are on together."
Denise B. - FL USA

"I was quite alone with my disease, with the exception of my family members. I was trying to research the illness and recommendations for treatment with no guidance. When I accidentally stumbled upon DDSG, it was all there, on one website. There were also a lot of very friendly, supportive people who are also in various stages of enlightenment regarding the same issues that were important to me. Now we're all on the same journey, and it's much more bearable to have people who truly understand when you can't open a jar of pickles or your feet have been hurting all day."  
Beverly Y. - FL, USA