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Dupuytrens Disease Support Group Xiaflex

Dupuytrens Disease Support Group

Dupuytren's Disease affects approximately 10 million Americans, yet it has been called the most common disease that no one has ever heard of.  Until recently surgery was the only option.  If you have a nodule and cord, but no contracture, please do not have surgery until you have explored other options. 

Do you have a lump in your palm (Dupuytren's Disease) or a lump in your foot (Ledderhose Disease) , or a bend in your penis (Peyronie's Disease) ?  Have you just seen a hand surgeon who recommends surgery?    Our group of members and physicians from around the globe can help you find practitioners who are experienced in Needle Aponeurotomy, Xiaflex, Radiation Therapy, Dermofasciectomy, and Trigger Finger Surgery.  Fellow members and physicians will help you explore your options and find expert care.   As a member of our forum, you will have access to lists of physicians from all medical specialties around the world that treat these diseases 

Available Procedures and Providers

Dr. Jeffrey Coster, Podiatrist
Offers the latest non invasive treatments for Ledderhose Disase and treats all conditions of the foot.

Dr. Gary Pess with Dr. Lermusiaux
the  French hand surgeon who developed
Needle Aponeurotomy

Dr. Charles Eaton
Founder of the Dupuytren Research Group and retired hand surgeon.  Dr. Eaton is responsible for changing the course of treatment for patients by introducing Needle Aponeurotomy to the United States.

Our forum expert Radiation Oncologists provide treatment with Radiation Therapy for Dupuytren's, Ledderhose and Peyronie's Diseases.

Low Dose Radiation Therapy

Welcome to Our Dupuytren's Disease Support Group

Dr. Keith Denkler, is offering innovative uses of  Xiaflex


Needle Aponeurotomy
performed by forum expert hand surgeon,
Dr. Gary Pess of

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