Our member, Laurel McBrine, has written a wonderful blogpost about her journey with Ledderhose Disease

Our forum expert radiation oncologist, Dr. Richard Shaffer has produced a study on outcomes for radiotherapy treatment of Ledderhose Disease:

Ledderhose Disease, also called  Plantar Fibromatosis is characterized by lumps in the arch of the foot.  It is a painful condition with limited treatment options.  If you have not been able to find relief from symptoms with orthotics, you may want to consider other treatment options now available.  Radiation Therapy is now covered by many insurance companies including Medicare and has successfully reduced pain and halted the progression of the disease in many patients.  When you join our forum, you will be able to discuss this treatment option with other patients who have had it as well as having access to the latest research and providers with experience treating the disease.

Gary Manley, fellow member of our forum is a trustee of the British Dupuytrens Society and is the author of an established blog dedicated to the topic of Ledderhose Disease. 

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