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Dupuytren's Disease Support Group is a facebook forum whose members are patients and physicians joining together in spirited discussion about Dupuytren's Disease (Palmar Fibromatosis) which leads to Dupuytren's Contracture as well as the related diseases of Ledderhose Disease (Plantar Fibromatosis) , Peyronies Disease (bent or curved Penis)  and Frozen Shoulder.  Physician members are hand surgeons, plastic surgeons and radiation oncologists who are leaders in the field of Dupuytren's Diseases. They participate in our daily discussions and host Coffee Talks which are live Q&A sessions on our forum, provided free of charge to our members.  What is Dupuytren's Disease?  What is Ledderhose DIsease?  We help you understand what these diseases look like and the latest minimally invasive treatments.  We discuss the treatment options of Needle Aponeurotomy, Xiaflex and low dose Radiation Therapy. While surgery is now considered a last resort treatment for the Dupuytren's Contracture or Ledderhose Disease, our physicians and members also discuss dermofasciectomy, a surgery to remove the fibrous cords and nodules.   When you join our group you will have access to lists of questions to take to your doctor appointments as well as the latest research studies available.  

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